Camping Safety For an Enjoyable Trip

Camping safety is something you should take seriously. Without proper first aid, a small cut or injury can turn an enjoyable trip into a nightmare.

If you have the opportunity to take a first aid course, either through work or from your community, you should really consider it. I have taken several courses and although I have never needed to use those skills yet, I am prepared if the time comes.

There are several aspects of camping safety besides first aid. Things like campfire safety, hiking safety, canoe and water safety, are just a few.

Did you know it is your responsibility to know if you are even allowed to build a fire on your site. It is not uncommon to have a fire ban in many locations due to dry conditions. If building a fire is permitted, you should know how to make it safe and also know the proper way to extinguish it completely.

How to store your food while camping is also very important. If you are in bear country it is even more important to keep you and your fellow campers safe. The use of a bear safe container is highly recommended. Hanging your food from a tree is a great method of keeping you safe.

Where the tent in located in relation to your campfire makes a difference too. You always want the fire downwind from the tent and far enough away so that no sparks or embers will land on your tent.

That’s a quick look at camping safety. I hope all your camping trips are fun and safe.