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Trip Insurance Makes Traveling More Enjoyable

One aspect of traveling that most people overlook is trip insurance. People normally don’t want to think about things that could go wrong during a trip. To them, it’s like throwing a wet blanket over all their excitement.

However, we should all face trip insurance with a little more maturity. It’s crazy how a flight cancellation could ruin half a year’s worth of planning. Or how lost baggage could instantly take the enjoyment out of the rest of your vacation.

Getting the right trip insurance would at least give you some peace of mind, knowing that your needs will be taken care of just in case you hit some snags. For one, trip insurance can cover delays and cancellations. If you’re buying a non-refundable ticket, your trip insurance would be able to cover that loss if an unavoidable circumstance forces you to cancel your flight.

Consult your agent about what your needs are so you can choose the package that’s right for your budget and your needs. Usually, trip insurance would cover medical expenses if by some misfortune, you need to see a doctor or check in at a hospital for an illness.

You could also opt for a plan that covers emergency medical transportation. Nobody wants to get sick far away from home. If your condition happens to necessitate long-term hospitalization, or if you simply need to be evacuated, the costs involved to bring you home translates to a huge dent on your budget.

With proper trip insurance, the burden of your illness plus the cutting short of your trip would somehow be lessened by the benefits you can receive from being covered. This is the main reason why you can’t put a price on peace of mind when traveling.

Choose from top companies that offer various features and make sure that you will only get what you need for your trip insurance. If you are a frequent traveler, you can also avail of policies that are good for one full year – these, naturally, would cost much less in the long run. There are also trip insurance packages available for those traveling in groups. Apart from the usual trip insurance, you can also find packages for cruise trips.

Don’t forget to inform someone you trust about your trip insurance policy before you leave, as a safety precaution. In addition, always make copies of your important documents to facilitate the claims from trip insurance. Leave copies of your passport, visas, policy contracts and itineraries at home, in your baggage, and on your person – just to be sure!

Planning a Long Road Trip With the Kids? Don’t Over Look Your Most Important Item – The Car

Car Maintenance is extremely important when you are planning to travel with your family. Can you imagine getting on an airplane that had not been thoroughly checked over before departure? It’s a very scary thought, yet we have all driven past vehicles that are broken down on the side of the road either from a flat tire that was so worn it should have been replaced months ago, or out of gas, fluids, or other engine problems.

We’ve seen vehicles broken down in the mountains during snow storms, on the highway near Death Valley, and on a typical sunny day. There are many reasons why a vehicle brakes down, but car owners and especially parents traveling with young children should make every effort to prevent a vehicle brake down at all costs.

Here are some basic steps to take to make sure your car is always in top notch shape and ready for your next camping trip or long road trip adventure with the kids.

  1. Get that oil changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months along with the vehicle inspection. Which ever one happens first.
  2. Have your tires checked and rotated at each oil change.
  3. Check your vehicle engine, belts, brakes, fluids, windshield wipers, lights and mirrors. Carry extras in your vehicle incase a blinker goes out, or a windshield wiper malfunctions while you are traveling.
  4. Check your spare tire to be sure it’s in good shape.
  5. Replace the thin spare with a reliable regular size tire ahead of time.
  6. Keep up on all routine maintenance checks.
  7. It is also good to have some emergency items for your car such as a 12V tire pump, portable jumper cable battery, tire repair kit, spare tire in good shape, and tools.
  8. Carry a GPS or Road Atlas.
  9. In the winter, it is advisable to carry chains, car wheel grip mats (for ice), 12V heater blanket, and shovel.
  10. Carry a cell phone and/or some payphone spare change with you while you travel to keep your family safe.

Now that you’ve taken the steps required to insure your vehicle has passed the safety check, and you are confident your car is in perfect traveling condition, load it up and head out on the highway for some more great travel experiences with your family. This is one preparation that should be a top priority. Your family is depending on it.

Happy Travels!