Grand Canyon Float Tours Are Adventurous Fun

All-day Grand Canyon float tours down the Colorado River are amazing, unforgettable journeys. They’re a great way to kick back and relax, but at the same time they give you a remarkable number of things to see and do. Here’s some info on what you can expect on one of the South Rim smooth-water rafting tours:

Getting There

You’ll be transported to the base of Glen Canyon Dam – the starting point for all South Rim smooth-water float tours. You’ll get there by bus (if you’re on a standard tour) or plane (if you choose the upgraded, deluxe package which also includes a 4×4 Jeep ride to Antelope Canyon). Just seeing the dam looming overhead is pretty awesome – it’s over 700 feet high and 1500 feet wide!

At the foot of the dam, you’ll board your 19-passenger motorized pontoon raft for a smooth, comfortable 15-mile float down the river. The water segment of the trip ends at historic Lee’s Ferry. The entire tour takes 12+ hours, so you’ll definitely be gone all day.

No rapids are involved, so kids 4 and up can participate. These trips are a terrific adventure for families.

The Experience

It’s hard to accurately describe what you’ll see and experience while you’re on the river. No photos or videos can do it justice. Besides seeing some amazing sights (California condors, anyone?), you’ll smell and taste the air of the canyon and the surrounding cliffs. This is the total package when it comes to Grand Canyon tours.

Floating through scenic Horseshoe Bend is one of highlights of this smooth-water rafting tour. This section takes its name from the horseshoe-shape of the river as it winds its way through some pretty amazing rock formations. A lot of folks camp and hike in this area because they feel like they’ve entered another world. This is a quiet, serene place where time flows slowly – its tranquility is the exact opposite of today’s usual hustle and bustle.

People who live in the area call Horseshoe Bend by another name. I’m not sure how it got started, but they call it King Bend. In this section you’ll be cruising down the river at an altitude of 4200 feet above sea level, which isn’t that much short of a mile high.

Colorado River

The river is ancient and has a storied past. For one thing, it’s responsible for carving out the canyon over countless millions of years. Portions of the river are in 7 different states.

You’ll pull over at a sandy beach during your smooth-water rafting trip. Just a short hike away you’ll come onto some prehistoric Native American rock drawings. We don’t completely understand their significance, so you’re free to interpret them however you like.

Float tours last all day, and you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of the experience. Protect your camera/cell phone from getting wet. Bring sunscreen and wear a cap or hat to reduce your exposure to the sun. Bring some extra water and snacks that are easy to carry. Because you could get wet, you’ll probably also want a change of clothing.